Who's guilty of cooking this...stuff?


Smokey Tales is an award winning competition barbecue team located near Atlanta, Georgia. Bubba Brown, Skeeter Wright and Junior Schlager first met in a Turkish prison back in 1954. The smell of an ostrich leg slow cooking over hickory in Bubba's cell brought the boys together for the first time. After escaping in 1969 the boys set off on a world tour to learn everything they could about barbecue. From the Aborigines in East Asia, the Zulu Tribe in Australia to the Albinos in Albania they have learned every trick in the trade.

What does Smokey Tales cook?


If it crawls, walks, swims, wiggles or flies we've injected, marinated, rubbed it down with spices and tossed it on the smoker. Our specialties include pulled pork, ribs, sausage, chicken and brunswick stew. Drop us an e-mail if you'd like Smokey Tales to cater your next event.

We've won things......


Hundreds....no Thousands of competitions! The boys won their first World Championship in 1964 and have won state championships all over the globe, twice! They even won best BBQ at one of Bubba's Super Bowl Parties back in 1998! Juniors mother swears they have the best BBQ on our street and boy does she love to swear!

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